News / March 12, 2019

Maxima LT implements Datema Retail’s EasyShop

Maxima, the leading retailer in the Lithuanian market, has implemented the Datema Retail’s EasyShop self-scanning software for their Scan & Go service for customers.

Maxima LT is the Lithuanian retail market leader. It is the largest Lithuanian capital company and the biggest employer in the Baltic States. The largest retail trade network opened their first stores in 1992 in Vilnius and today there are 237 stores around Lithuania. Over 550,000 buyers visit Maxima stores every day. Their vision is to be a leader in retail and their goal is to become the most convenient store for their buyers.

In partnership with StrongPoint, Datema Retail have worked with Maxima Lithuania to introduce the Scan & Go service for customers in a store in Vilnius; which marks a technology first for the Lithuanian market. EasyShop enables ACIU loyalty card members to unlock a handset and then proceed to scan their items and checkout without a queue thus enabling a seamless shopping experience.

Datema Retail look forward to many happy Lithuanian’s using our solution at Maxima LT.