Datema Knowledge / October 5, 2015

Omnichannel goes social!

As social media becomes an increasingly important part of customer’s daily lives, it is also becoming one of omnichannel retailers’ biggest new sales opportunities.


It’s no surprise that connected shoppers are also avid users of social networking, with a growing number communicating with their friends via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, IM or Facebook, just to name a few. By posting real-time photos to friends on social networks, a customer can get fast feedback while she shops and tries on clothes. What do you think of this style? How about the color? Is it really “me”? Maybe a friend will also be interested in the outfit. From an RFID-enabled fitting room, the shopper can instantly check to see if it’s in stock in his or hers friend’s size and preferred color.

This feedback can be one of the omnichannel retailer’s most powerful sales tools. As customers upload photos of a retailer’s products to their friends or their favorite sites, it enables your store to connect with and market to a wide variety of potential new customers.

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