Retailer benefits

Build engagement, interaction and loyalty

EasyShop Click & Collect is a great way of giving your customers the level of service they expect. It also helps building more engaging, interacting and in the long run – loyal customer relations.

The solution is tailor-made for picking consumer packaged goods. It enables you the option of either picking orders locally in store or at a central warehouse. The administrative system can plan and control grouping goods, picking orders, prioritize and handle customer deliveries. In addition, this solution provides a convenient mobile feature for the picking itself. It works on both Android and Windows platforms and is easy to install.

By using a ring scanner the picker can use both hands for picking. Also, by showing photos of the items on the device, the picker will be able to locate them faster. It supports route optimization, so that all orders can be picked and handled in the same order as they are going to be delivered.  To even further increase the productivity, it has a built-in support for mobile printers and scales.

But the benefits do not stop there:

Click & Collect is easy to install

Quick setup – easy to install

With a cloud-based solution new stores can be up and running in no time. No local installations also means less support.

Datema EasyShop Click & Collect

Picking perfection

Tailor-made for picking consumer packaged goods. Also includes administration of orders, picking routes optimization, route planning and reports that helps you to analyze each step of the picking process.

Increase productivity with Click & Collect

Increases productivity & order accuracy

Order picking is usually 30% faster. Tag bags with barcode labels. Scans both items and bags when performing multi-picking. An individual store setup is possible for best performance.

Freedom, convenience and smoothness

Customer communication

Informs the customer by system-generated SMS if order has been picked, estimated delivery time or delayed home delivery. It also enables two way communication.

With Click & Collect you get unique insights

Consumer Insights

Gives you important insights about your customers, f ex what offers are really working and individual preferences.

Build customer engagement

Builds engagement

Helps you build more engaging, interacting and in the long run - loyal customer relations.