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30 years experience creating best-in-class shopping solutions

Imagine when your customer can stand anywhere in your store, press a button for help or advice and get offers while passing a shelf. With our self-scanning solution you have numerous possibilities of creating a true One Store-experience, from price-scanning to special offers, demos, knowledge and invitations to your customer.  It´s Point-of-sale system independent and the cutting edge technology enables a flexible, agile and cost efficient solution. The benefits are numerous, both from a customer as well as a retailer point of view.

We are experts

30 years experience in creating best-in-class shopping solutions.

Same device for multiple tasks

Leverage same device for in-store operations like stock take, ordering good receipt and more.

Datema Retail Self-Scanning interface

Powerful integration

Seamless integration with existing POS- and other back office systems.

Seamless integration


Scalable, flexible and easy to customize – from small stores to large chains. Food or non-food retailers.