Customer benefits

What's in it for the customer

A person doesn’t start their buying process thinking which channel they will interact with. It can involve online, social, mobile and in-store experiences.

The customer expectation is that the retailer message, brand, value and price is consistent throughout. The expectation is also to allow them to try, buy and returning goods in a way that’s convenient. Customers don’t see channels – they see One Store. EasyShop Self-scanning is an important first step towards this seamless consumer experience and will be truly beneficial to the customer.

A smoother customer journey

Shopping lists

Enables shopping lists online, accessible through the self-scanning device or the customers mobile phone.

Get product information through your self-scanning device

Producer and product info

Producer, content, country of origin, environmentally friendliness and more can be displayed.

Reduced shopping time

Reduced shopping time with an average of 15 minutes.

A more personalized shopping experience

A more personalized shopping experience
Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

See prices, applicable discounts and sum of basket.

Historical data

Historical data

Allows the customer to view previous shopping lists, points status, offers, additional services etc.

Add features

Personalized offers

Possibility to get offers displayed, for example “today’s offer”.