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Today self-scanning is an established concept in Scandinavia and has become a huge success, both among the customers and the retailers.

For the customers it means more control, more fun and no queue. For you it means increased revenue, enhanced loyalty and less need of manual checkouts. But even more – you get to know your customers better and be ahead of competition by creating a more personalized shopping experience.

This is how Self-Scanning works

The customers simply pick up an EasyShop Self-scanning unit at the entrance of the store, or start the app on their Smartphone, and begin scanning their chosen items.

EasyShop Self-Scanning for smart phone

The items can be packed simultaneously as they walk through the shop. To be able to shop with a self scanning unit, you as a shop owner can set the requirements for pre-use identification. This is done through a terminal screen next to the wall trays. To use a Smartphone, the customer first needs to download the store’s app which operates through similar software to that in the self-scanning unit. As the customer scans items they appear in a list on the display, giving details about the product name, quantity and price. Information regarding current offers and total sum are also shown.

Real-time communication between EasyShop Self-scanning and the checkout system

When a barcode is scanned by the self-scanning unit or Smartphone, connection to the store’s inventory provides real-time feedback on current offers and prices. EasyShop Self-scanning can also be integrated with a CRM system and be used as a loyalty-program for marketing purposes.

Checkout and payment processes are built into the solution

When the customer has completed their shopping, they proceed to a checkout terminal, where there are trays to return the self-scanning units. Once the self-scanning unit is returned it will generate the payment transaction. Alternatively, on a Smartphone, the shopping process is ended via the app which then generates the payment transaction.