Retailer benefits

Increase your revenue by enhancing customer loyalty

A self-scanning solution increases consumer interaction and you get a better and more detailed overview of the customers shopping behavior. This gives you the opportunity to personalize offers to individual customers and work with loyalty-programs.

Fewer manual checkouts are needed, yet the number of customer sales – and customer loyalty – are increased through self-service. As a retailer you get several benefits:

A solution to grow with

A solution to grow with
Flexible self-scanning solution


Seamless integration with existing POS- and other back office systems.

Into the future

You can add features to enhance your customer experience. The solution is future-proof.

Fast ROI

Quick ROI

In average 12 months ROI.

Build relationships

Build relationships
Build relationships

Build relationships

Increases interaction with customers, allowing you to direct offers and information through text, email or video.

Increase customer loyalty

Increase loyalty

The solution increases customer loyalty. Customers rather visit shops with these systems than those without.

VIP treatment

VIP treatment

Give customers a sense of being privileged and trusted.

Increase revenue, reduce costs

Increase revenue and decrease cost
Increase revenue

Increase revenue

Research shows that the introduction of a self scanning system increases revenue (by an average of 7%).

Quick customer flows

Quicker customer flow

Offers quicker customer flow through the shop at peak times, optimising sales capacity.

Reduce cost

Reduces the need of manual checkouts, which in turn reduces costs.