Tomorrow’s retail is about one thing. And one thing onlyThe consumer experience

We help retailers leverage key technologies to increase their revenue by enhancing the consumer experience.

EasyShop Self-Scanning


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Datema Retail self-scanning solutions

It would be an understatement to say that mobile devices have transformed the world we live in. Our shopping behavior is no exception. Todays consumer have new expectations on their shopping experience. They want to switch from different mobile devices, to physical stores and perhaps back to a device again. They want to know whether a product is available regardless of its location and they want to choose how to receive it – in-store, at home or at a collecting point. This big change is happening right now, and EasyShop is a way to make sure that you can stay attractive in the market. With EasyShop self-scanning, you have taken the first steps to be a part of the new, exciting Omni-channel landscape. EasyShop self-scanning increases customer loyalty by simplifying shopping as well as the decision making process of various purchases, creating an enhanced shopping experience.

"We help retailers enhance the consumer experience"

Nadim Ghafoor, Director of Business Development, Datema Retail
EasyShop Click & Collect

Multiple pickup choices to improve the consumer experience

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EasyShop Click & Collect

Consumers today want and expect choices in how they can receive their purchase – to collect it in-store, receive it at home or at a collecting point. EasyShop Click & Collect is a complete solution for retailers who want to be able to provide their customer this service. It enables you the option of either picking orders locally in store or at a central warehouse. The administrative system can plan and control grouping goods, picking orders, prioritise and handle customer deliveries. In addition, this solution provides a convenient mobile feature for the picking itself. It works on both Android and Windows platforms and is easy to install. Today and beyond it´s all about the consumer experience!

"Datema has over 30 years’ experience in mobile self-service solutions. We understand the many challenges that are faced in making these solutions a success"

Nils Thudén, Managing Director, Datema Retail